10th Anniversary Celebration – February 2015

Posted December 9th, 2015 in News

Feb 2015 bannerUNIDOS Nicaragua grew out of work that began in 2004 when Northshore Community Church of Kirkland, Washington, adopted the town of Los Cedros, Nicaragua.  As Northshore invested people and other resources into Los Cedros and the work spilled over into nearby communities, friendships and working relationships developed deep roots.

In February, nearly 60 Americans traveled to Los Cedros to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this relationship and to cast a vision for the next phase of our commitment.

Our time there was sweet, filled with hugs, laughter, and joyous celebration with people who have become dear friends and committed colleagues despite significant cultural barriers.

Feb 2015 beach 2One day, the people of Los Cedros took us to a town on the ocean shore for lunch at a gorgeous open-air restaurant and a time of fellowship and fun in the sun at the beach.Feb 2015 beach

Another day, there was a beautiful ceremony and celebration at Iglesia Eben Ezer, the church that founded Escuela Cristiana Havila, which became the first focal point in our support of the town.  One of most heartfelt aspects of the evening was the music provided by a combined choir of Americans and Nicaraguans who had practiced together for several days in advance.  Music has been a consistent thread in the bond uniting us, and that was evident in the heartfelt joy of the choir’s singing.

Finally, there was a ceremony and celebration at Havila itself, highlighted by stories of alumni whose lives were changed by the opportunity to go to school there.  Several of us were brought to tears as these young adults testified to the effect the school had had on their lives and, in some cases, on their entire families.

Feb 2015 signingAs part of the celebration, leaders of UNIDOS Nicaragua and Northshore Community Church signed over to Iglesia Eben Ezer the ownership of the school and related assets.  The campus was purchased and developed primarily with funds from American donors the flowed first through Northshore and then through UNIDOS, after it was incorporated in 2008, and the legal ownership of the school had been held by UNIDOS.  The time was right to hand it over to local leaders, and it was a privilege to sign the documents that set those wheels in motion.

After that, there was singing, dancing, and feasting, and a wonderful time was had by all!

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