The mission of UNIDOS Nicaragua is to free Nicaraguan children and their families from poverty through initiatives that support education, facilitate job creation, foster health, and cultivate local leadership.

UNIDOS is committed to finding solutions to local problems like poverty, lack of education, and health care. These solutions must be home grown and inspired by the vision of local leaders. A strategic vision for a better community must be the vision of local community leaders and carried out by local initiative. As a result, UNIDOS seeks to partner with local leaders, including educators, business leaders, and pastors, to help develop a thriving Nicaragua.


UNIDOS Nicaragua was incorporated in 2008 by volunteers who came to know each other and develop a common passion and vision for Nicaragua through work they had done with other non-profit agencies.

Our biggest ongoing enterprise has been the support of Escuela Cristiana Havila, a grade school that was founded in 2004 by a church in Los Cedros, Nicaragua.  UNIDOS came alongside the church to help develop the school campus and set up and manage operations, and Havila has grown into an outstanding school of about 200 students, many of whom would be unable to attend school without the financial support that is provided by UNIDOS donors.

Other partnerships have revolved around community and economic development through education and direct financial assistance, including the use of micro-loans to small businesses.

Though much remains to be done, UNIDOS is proud of the influence we have had in people’s lives, and we remain committed to partnering with the people of Nicaragua to develop a better tomorrow.

Who We Are

UNIDOS is a registered not for profit corporation that is recognized as such in both the United States and Nicaragua. Our core team is made up of passionate volunteers who want to improve education and living standards while training and empowering local leaders in Nicaragua who will move their communities forward. From our president to our in-country staff, from our board of directors to those volunteering on short-term trips, our goal remains transformational holistic development.

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