End of School Year – December 2013

Posted January 31st, 2014 in News, Trips

End of School _1_Dec_2013

End of School _2_Dec_2013 The final trip of the year for 2013 was a trip of much diversity.  The usual Vacation Bible School was not done, but a presentation of how mission is done in different areas of the world was presented.  Representation of Asia, Africa and China, with foods from the different areas and clothing and stories of missionaries were presented.


End of School _3_Dec_2013 We went to three different areas to do this diverse presentation, Monte Fresco, Calle Nueva, Reyes Norte and  Los Cedros.  The kids all had a wonderful time and seemed to really enjoy themselves.  We did crafts and face painting as well.

End of School _4_Dec_2013We also had an opportunity to play with the children at school and to present all of the students with their letters from their sponsors.  Such joy on their faces as they received their letter and the excitement, you could tell it meant so much to them.


End of School _6_Dec_2013 Another awesome opportunity came when the team was able to go around the community and bless select families with food baskets, we even had the opportunity to haul water for one family.  Praying for the people and their extreme need touched all of us.  What a special time this became for our team, seeing the need and being blessed to be a blessing.



End of School _5_Dec_2013

We took the sixth grade students on their end of the year activity, going to Granada for a boat ride and various other activities.





The highlight of the trip was graduation.  What an awesome celebration of the Kindergarten students and the sixth graders.  It’s a real celebration and was enjoyed by all.

End of School _7_Dec_2013

End of School _8_Dec_2013This end of the year trip is designed for singles, families, couples, anyone who would like to meet their sponsored student, or to visit Nicaragua for the first time, or for their tenth time.  It is a great way to get exposed to what Northshore is doing in Nicaragua, global missions.

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