Lillian Rodriguez Flores

Posted November 4th, 2009 in My Story

Not unto us, O Lord, but to your name be the glory. “Psalm 115:1”

lillianMy name is Lillian Rodriguez Flores. I am 5 years old, living in the United States because of one man’s decision to follow God’s calling to serve His people in Nicaragua. I call this man, Papa Lee. He came to Nicaragua in June of 2005 to work with the first construction team from Northshore Baptist Church, establishing a school in Los Cedros with Eben Ezer Church pastured by Pastor Manuel and his wife Pastora. Little did he know God’s larger plan as he served in Nicaragua, was to care for me. I was 18 months old living on the outskirts of the Managua dump and malnourished when Melisa Buzbee agreed to take me to her home by the request of my Mother, to nourish me back to health. During my stay at Melissa’s home I was provided care and nourishment and spent time with the team of men from Northshore Baptist Church, one of which was Papa Lee.

God has had His hands all over me, taking care of my every need. I received much care from the Buzbee family, spending time living with my parents, in an orphanage, and in the Buzbee’s Open Hearts Ministry’s rescue home called, Casa Havilah. I spent time with Papa Lee’s family when they traveled to Nicaragua on many occasions and during the time they were living here. None of us knew at that time exactly what God’s plan was, we just cherished our time together. While my life hasn’t always been easy, I know God has paved the way for me to be where I am today. Many have prayed over and for me and I give thanks to all of them.

Papa Lee and Mama Becky built a relationship of trust with my parents who agreed to give them legal guardianship of me in the hopes of educating me in the United States. This task seemed impossible to us as the U.S. embassy doesn’t usually grant this type of visa. Of course God can open any door, and He did. By the Grace of God, the U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua agreed to grant me a student visa so I could live here with my new family, the Lockridge’s. I know that this new life I have been granted is one that many children in Nicaragua will never know. I am fortunate for God’s Love and all that He has in store for me. I enjoy having my own bedroom, consistent meals, a school that accepted me, for Ms. Elyse, my speech pathologist and the many who pray for me daily. I know this is an opportunity for me to learn and grow into the women God has intended me to be.

I pray for the many people God is calling into the Mission field and that those called will follow, receiving all the Blessings God has for them. This may be you, if so, think of what you can do, spreading God’s love throughout the world, if only you will submit to Him and go where He calls you. You too can make a difference!

I Love you, Papa Lee, Mama Becky, Jeremy, Kashara, Zach and Sadie. My family forever!


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