Luisa Flores

Posted November 3rd, 2009 in My Story

Picture 045When we started working in Los Cedros and bringing teams to help the community, we had a need for someone to provide meals while working in the area. Luisa was working in other another town as a cook, but it was very hard, long rides on the bus and produced very little money. We offered Luisa the opportunity to cook for the “weak stomached gringos” at her home, and she graciously accepted.

Luisa soon proved to be a very entrepreneurial, and we began working with her to sell clothing for the community. Every time that a team came to Nicaragua they brought bags of clothes that had been donated. From the profits a portion went to her and other portion went to support the school feeding program.

During that time Luisa and her husband German were taking some business classes at Eben Ezer church; after the class the teacher told us that she was a very smart business women and had some great ideas. Within a short period of time Luisa had developed a business plan for a “pulperia” (small convenience store) and presented it to us for consideration.

UNIDOS had been working to start a micro-finance fund, and through this process Luisa became our first borrower. Today, Luisa is running a successful pulperia.  She still cooks for our teams from time to time and remains a very loving and welcoming person.

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