Marriage Conference – August 2012

Posted October 2nd, 2012 in News

We spent 10 days in Los Cedros in August, and it was a trip unlike any of our previous journeys.  Our stated purpose was to conduct a marriage conference, but because we stayed in town instead of commuting from Managua, we did so much more than that, and we developed more and deeper relationships than ever before.

That was especially true at the school, Escuela Cristiana Havila.  It was fun to wake up to the sounds of the children every morning, and we took advantage of the opportunity to connect with them as much as possible.  In particular, it was wonderful to spend time with our two sponsored children, one of whom we met for the first time.

We also got to spend some time with a young man whom we sponsored after we met him in 2005 and supported all the way through his time at Havila.  He is well and employed in Los Cedros, although we were disappointed that he doesn’t have plans or the means to continue his education.  Still, it was a great joy to reconnect with this fine young man.

During the course of the week, we stopped by every classroom to formally introduce ourselves to the students, answer their questions, and watch the teachers at their craft.  We were uniformly impressed with the quality of the teachers and the obvious love that they have for their students.  The kids who attend Havila are incredibly blessed.

We also spent a lot of time building relationships with Iglesia Eben-Ezer and its daughter churches.  We saw the new church building that is under construction in Monte Fresco, and we joined in fellowship with the congregations in Reyes Norte and Calle Nueve.

We asked Pastor Manuel of Iglesia Eben-Ezer if we could meet his leadership team, and he showed up with 13 men and women who shared with us their hearts for their community.  They have an incredible passion to change their world, and it was humbling to talk and pray with these devoted servants.

Finally, as the week wound down, we prepared for and conducted the marriage conference.  Thirty-two couples joined us to hear our thoughts and encouragement on building a healthy marriage in challenging times.

Altogether, it was an amazing experience.  We were so blessed and inspired to get so close to the families of Los Cedros.  Everywhere we went, they told us that our presence was a great encouragement to them, but somehow we think it was the other way around.

Todd and Kerri Fredrickson

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