Graduation Celebration – December 2015

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The 2015 end of the school year family team went to Los Cedros from Nov. 27 to Dec. 7.  There we had three purposes.  One was to share a short Bible school program with the children at Escuela Cristiana Havila as well as in other communities affiliated with our work in Los Cedros.  Another purpose […]

Marriage Conference – June 2015

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Encouraging the adults of Los Cedros to make their marriages and families a priority has long been central to our work there, and in June, four couples went to Los Cedros for 12 days primarily to hold a fourth annual marriage conference in partnership with Iglesia Eben Ezer. In planning for the trip, we thought […]

10th Anniversary Celebration – February 2015

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UNIDOS Nicaragua grew out of work that began in 2004 when Northshore Community Church of Kirkland, Washington, adopted the town of Los Cedros, Nicaragua.  As Northshore invested people and other resources into Los Cedros and the work spilled over into nearby communities, friendships and working relationships developed deep roots. In February, nearly 60 Americans traveled to […]

End of School Year – December 2013

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The final trip of the year for 2013 was a trip of much diversity.  The usual Vacation Bible School was not done, but a presentation of how mission is done in different areas of the world was presented.  Representation of Asia, Africa and China, with foods from the different areas and clothing and stories of […]

Marriage Conference – August 2013

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After the first marriage conference last year, we were excited to conduct a second one, and while it turned out completely different from last year and nothing like what we planned, it was still a wonderful, productive 10 days in Los Cedros. The marriage conference was scheduled for Saturday, and we planned an evening of […]

Women’s Team – January 2013

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This year was our women’s trip to Los Cedros, Nicaragua and what a trip it was! We had 13 women on our team and enjoyed being together so very much. Last September we thought there would be only 5 women coming with us, but God definitely had other plans. He brought to us a group […]

Marriage Conference – August 2012

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We spent 10 days in Los Cedros in August, and it was a trip unlike any of our previous journeys.  Our stated purpose was to conduct a marriage conference, but because we stayed in town instead of commuting from Managua, we did so much more than that, and we developed more and deeper relationships than […]

Seeing The Fruit

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As I visit countries and partners around the world, I get to directly experience what God is doing through our partners and gain a clearer picture of where He is leading. Last week I visited Nicaragua. I do not go there as often as I used to, so each of my visits in recent years has […]

Sponsor-a-Student April 2012

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We’ve recently returned from an amazing trip to Nicaragua, to visit the students and teachers at Havila. We had the opportunity to take the photos of the children to be able to give to their sponsors.  What a joy! The children come to school at 7am and meet in the Rancho for breakfast and prayer […]

Welcome in the New School Year – April 2012

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This year three people were able to go down to Los Cedros for the beginning of the school year.  The team consisted of Kerri Fredrickson, Faith Teebken, and Lizziey Watkins.  Our goal was to welcome the students and teachers back for the beginning of another school year, and to really be an encouragement and blessing […]