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2016 Calendar of Short-Term Trips to Nicaragua

Youth_013There is no better way to see the work of UNIDOS Nicaragua than to go to Nicaragua.  Every year, several teams of volunteers visit rural Nicaragua with the goal of encouraging and supporting the people through a variety of activities in partnership with local leaders.  These trips are especially meaningful if you are sponsoring a student at Escuela Cristiana Havila as you will have an opportunity to meet your sponsored child.  Most trips last about 10 days, and they are run in partnership with Northshore Community Church of Kirkland, Washington.

If you are interested in any of these trips, contact the team leader or UNIDOS Nicaragua for more information.

– Women’s Team (January)

Join this team of women as they travel to Los Cedros, Nicaragua for their ninth annual women’s conference. Worship alongside and serve the women of Los Cedros.  For more information, contact team leader Katie Day or Loretta Trainor.

– Sponsor A Student Team (February 13-21)

Join in helping with the beginning of the school year at Escuela Cristiana Havila in Los Cedros.  Team members will help with the many tasks needed for the students to connect with their sponsors here in America and will try to bless the teachers in appreciation for all their hard work.  This team is well-suited for children and families.  For more information, please contact Kerri Fredrickson.

Men’s  Team (Spring)Richard-and-Jamie

Here is the men’s turn to bless the community of Los Cedros. The team brings the seventh annual men’s conference to a bunch of men who are waiting for them to return. The team also blesses the community through various “fixer-upper” projects. Let team leader Jack Day know if you’re interested.

– Marriage Team (Summer)

This team will be reaching out to the community of Los Cedros through a fifth annual marriage conference and other activities designed to strengthen families.  Get in touch with Jack & Katie Day or John & Loretta Trainor if you’d like to learn more.

– End of School Year Team (November/December)Youth_008

Celebrate “school’s out!” at Escuela Cristiana Havila in Los Cedros. Team members get to close out the school year with summer school programs held for the children from the community and outlying areas, as well as a special outing for the graduating sixth-graders. This team is especially well-suited for children and families.  For more information contact Kerri Fredrickson.

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