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Our biggest ongoing enterprise has been the support of Escuela Cristiana Havila, a primary school that was founded in 2004 by a church in Los Cedros, Nicaragua.  UNIDOS came alongside the church to help develop the school campus and set up and manage operations, and Havila has grown into an outstanding school of about 200 students, many of whom would be unable to attend school without the financial support that is provided by UNIDOS donors.

Other partnerships have revolved around community and economic development through education and direct financial assistance, including the use of micro-loans to small businesses.


Escuela Cristiana Havila

Escuela Cristiana Havila opened in 2004 as a preschool and now educates students through sixth grade.  More than 400 students have graduated from sixth grade, and the school has gained widespread recognition as one of the premier primary schools in the Villa El Carmen region of Nicaragua.

Located in Los Cedros, Havila serves the poorest of the poor in a neglected part of the world. Many children who attend Havila start their studies a few years behind their wealthier peers because of the lack of accessible schooling in the area. Most of them catch up quickly, and many of them ultimately excel when assessed relative to regional and national standards.

The staff at Havila includes 10 full-time teachers and another 15 or so adults who work in administration, facilities, and the school feeding program.  The majority of the school’s operating funds are provided by donors through our Sponsor a Student program.

The school is fully accredited and recognized by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education as a premiere primary school.

Meet the teachers

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