Sponsor-a-Student April 2012

Posted April 30th, 2012 in News

We’ve recently returned from an amazing trip to Nicaragua, to visit the students and teachers at Havila.
We had the opportunity to take the photos of the children to be able to give to their sponsors.  What a joy!
The children come to school at 7am and meet in the Rancho for breakfast and prayer and the national anthem.
Then they line up and head off to class.  They return at the end of their day for lunch.  
It costs about $7.00 a month to feed a child breakfast and lunch. Part of UNIDOS is the feeding program .  
We had a few cards for the sponsors that needed to be finished and the students spent some time working hard on doing them.
One of the teachers, Karla, read a book to the 2nd grade class that was brought down for the library, “Los Tres Arboles”, The Three Trees.
We were able to spend time in some of the classrooms, watching the teachers teach and the kids learn.
Nancy Sodeman and her daughter joined us on the trip, translating and spending time with the kids, listening to music and making bracelets.
But we got some play time too, as the kids lined up to wait for their turn to be swung around in circles.  They can wear a person out!
We made sure to take time to have our photo taken with our students that we are sponsoring, one is new to us from the orphanage.
Our contact for SAS at the school is Ena and we enjoyed spending some time with her, she shared the building of her home.
We are such a fast paced culture that we’d be looking for it to be done in months, but she is waiting for next year to continue with what has been started.
What an awesome opportunity for us to be at the school and in the community.
The teams that go down are really looked forward to by both the students and the teachers.
At this printing we have 13 students still waiting for sponsors, please contact us if you are feeling led to bless a child.
What an encouragement for us, we are so attached, 

We were blessed beyond measure!
Tom and Kate Simpson


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