Seeing The Fruit

Posted June 19th, 2012 in News

As I visit countries and partners around the world, I get to directly experience what God is doing through our partners and gain a clearer picture of where He is leading.

Last week I visited Nicaragua. 030I do not go there as often as I used to, so each of my visits in recent years has been full of meetings, dealing with issues, and addressing concerns about the ministry. Normally I leave the country with a heavy heart, not because I am tired, but because I want to solve and bring resolution to the things they are dealing with.

That did not happen last week. I left Managua with a sense of peace and a deep happiness in the middle of the distress that ministry to people in poor countries can bring. Yes- there were concerns and relational issues and yes- there is a lack of resources and time was spent praying for wisdom on how to proceed, but . . . there was also a sense that what God started with our help, He will take care of and He will bless.

God is blessing the people in Los Cedros as He blesses us each time we interact with them.

This time God had a surprise for me.

On Monday evening, our first day in Los Cedros, Lee Lockridge and I walked the grounds of the school planning, visioning, and talking to Pastora. Suddenly, my eye caught a glimpse of a class full of young people. “What is happening here?” I asked Pastora. It was 6 PM and all the children from the school were already gone for the day.

Pastora invited me to come and see.

In front of us, about 30 former students were gathered together in one of the classrooms they used to study in. DSCN0969“They gather here each week for discipleship under Teacher Cela’s supervision,” Pastora commented.

DSCN0973I went inside the classroom, close to tears . . . the fruit of our labor! Children that we brought in from the streets eight years ago- now young men and women- were sitting there, learning and being discipled together and still part of Havila School. There sat the Jordans, the Jimmies, and the Marias of the community, as examples of the transformation that Jesus brings into our world.DSCN0992

Oh, the faces are not the same; they have had many experiences and are growing up. Many of them still attend school, now dealing with a secular education that does not place any emphasis on Christ. Some of them are seeking jobs and many of them are taking on leadership roles in the church in music, dance, and children’s ministry.DSCN0998

How sweet it is to see and experience the fruit of our labor!

I bring words of gratitude from them and words about what the school meant to them: “Peaceful”, “the place I found friends”, “godly”, “I learned so much”, “love”, “patient, loving teachers”, and “great fun”. Wow, that is what I want to hear.

Being a little too “cool” to comment in front of his friends, privately one young man pulled me aside and said, “Will you DSCN0984please tell my sponsor ‘thank you for all you have done’? I remember them often and I love them.” I am not too shy or cool to tell you all, “YOUR WORK IN THE LORD IS NOT IN VAIN.”

I want to encourage you to keep pressing on with the ministry in Los Cedros- more and more fruit is yet to come.

Thank you,

Your Global Mission Pastor

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