Tony Martinez

Posted November 3rd, 2009 in My Story

IMG_6192Tony is a 15 years old boy with a lot of potential and big needs. Tony is in the 6th grade and this year is his last year at Escuela Cristiana Havila. He is one of the few who started with the school, and he was one of the kids that inspired Pastora to look for help to originally start the school.

Six years ago Tony was a 9-year-old boy who walked through the streets of Los Cedros long after all the other kids had gone to bed. He carried with him a machete, and if you would ask him why, Tony would say just in case the “bad guys want to do something to me”. That year Tony was invited to join the school and we are so proud that he is one the “original” students who is going to finish his primary education.

A few months ago we noticed that Tony was developing a cloud over his right eye and we asked him what happened. Tony told us that about two years ago he was hit in the eye with a sling shot and he couldn’t see through the eye very well. We became really concerned about his situation and contacted a local eye doctor to take a look at him, who said that Tony had a detached retina from the impact and had developed a cataract from the trauma.

There wasn’t much that could be done with the detached retina, but through the generous gift from his sponsor in the U.S. Tony had the cataract removed from his eye. Today Tony has recovered partial vision in that eye, and he avoided further complications that would have come. He looks very good and he is leading a very normal life. Tony is a sports lover; he plays soccer, baseball and like any 15 year old he is very concerned about how he looks. Because of the surgery Tony is no longer self conscious of his eye.

We will miss Tony at the school next year but we pray that he will continue to grow to be a great man of God and a leader in his community.

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