Welcome in the New School Year – April 2012

Posted April 30th, 2012 in News
This year three people were able to go down to Los Cedros for the beginning of the school year.  The team consisted of Kerri Fredrickson, Faith Teebken, and Lizziey Watkins.  Our goal was to welcome the students and teachers back for the beginning of another school year, and to really be an encouragement and blessing to the teachers.  I think it was a success.
This is the 7th opening day at the school site there.  We were welcomed by 204 bright, shining faces of students, along with the teachers and parents.  It was a wonderful celebration of the education they will receive again this year.
We were able to spend a great amount of time at the school, interacting with the teachers and students.  We also had meetings most days with Pastora, the superintendent of the school.  It was wonderful to hear her heart for this school and these children.
We also were able to help some with the serving of meals to the students.  Each student now receives two meals a day.  We are praying for parents to step in to help with the preparation of the food as that is a huge job.  Currently there is just one person cooking these meals.
Besides being with the students and teachers each day, we took the teachers into Managua for an appreciation dinner.  We had a wonderful time just having fun together, both as we were squished in our transportation and at the restaurant.
In addition to the focus on the school, we also were able to visit two of the three church plants.  We went to both Calle Nueve and Reyes Norte.  Besides singing, sharing, and fellowshipping with them, we brought pillowcase dresses down for the girls.  Many of these were made by members of our church here.  We brought down 102, and were able to hand out many of them.
It was a wonderful trip.  Please consider going to Nicaragua during the beginning of February to welcome these beautiful children to this fantastic school!  If you are interested, please call Kerri Fredrickson at 425-483-4690.
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