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Escuela Cristiana Havila is a school in Los Cedros, Nicaragua, that is named after the land in Eden where gold and precious stones were found. The school, which complies with the curriculum of the Nicaraguan Department of Education, is owned and operated by a church in Los Cedros with strategic and financial support from UNIDOS Nicaragua.

By sponsoring a child at Havila, you are helping children of poor families who otherwise might not be able to attend school.  Your financial support helps pay teachers’ salaries, procure student books and supplies, operate the facilities, and fund a school lunch program. All students are fed a healthy lunch at school, and for some it is their only meal of the day. For many children, a sponsorship means the child can stay in school and not be pressed into low-wage labor at a young age.  In addition, the basic health of each child is monitored by teachers and visiting health care professionals, and the students are taught about hygiene and how to maintain personal health.

As a sponsor, you are assigned to an individual student, who is yours alone, and your financial gifts provide direct support for your student’s school and programs.

How it works

A sponsorship costs $360 for a Nicaraguan school year, which runs from early February until early December.  Your donation can be paid as a lump sum, monthly ($30 a month for a calendar year), or quarterly ($90 per quarter).

You will be connected with a student and will exchange notes and photos with him or her two or three times during the course of the school year.  The students love receiving these greetings, and they are eager to respond in kind.  If you are able to go to Nicaragua with one of our short-term teams, you will have the opportunity to meet your sponsored student, and there is nothing quite like meeting a student you have supported from afar.

Another option

Donors can also support the school lunch program with one-time gifts.  The costs of feeding all 200 students at the school are as follows:

  • $30 for one meal
  • $60 for two meals
  • $150 for an entire week

Havila relies on the donations of generous supporters to meet the needs of its community.  The Sponsor a Student program is run entirely by volunteers, and 100% of all donations goes directly to your student’s school and programs.  All donations are tax deductible.

Sponsorship payments and donations to the school lunch program can be made online or by check. If you give by check, make it out to UNIDOS and mail it to:

UNIDOS Nicaragua
10301 NE 145th Street
Kirkland, WA  98034

Please indicate on the memo line whether your gift is for a sponsorship or the feeding program.

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